What makes Icewine so flavourful?

Icewine is pressed from frozen grapes, creating a juice that  contains less water than regular wine. People are blown away by the intense and complex fruit flavour of Icewine. A little Icewine goes a long way in making cocktails or recipes. You get a lot of “bang for your buck” flavour in every bottle. Try adding a small amount of Northern Ice Premium Icewine to your recipes or cocktails; and be amazed by its burst of complex fruit flavour!

The Ice House Winery’s “toasting style” of Icewine gives balance with a final acidic note that cleanses your palate.  This concentrated fruit nuance provides a long delivery of flavour and finishes clean. Imagine what you can do with this magical elixir in your recipes?

Our favourite Icewine recipes are simple, most of which have five or fewer ingredients. Click on a photo below to view a full recipe card that you can easily follow and print.

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Lobster Dipping Sauce


Poire Regal

Icewine Salad Dressing

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