The Ice House 2017 Signature Series Vidal Icewine won 2020 Monde Selection GOLD Medal! 

Northern Ice 2016 Vidal Premium Icewine won the 2020 Monde Selection GRAND GOLD award! 

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Our Amazing Icewine Collection Will Not Be Available to purchase ONLINE until June 2022. 


About Us

Meet Jamie Macfarlane - The Husband

Icewine Maker, Jamie Macfarlane, began his winemaking career in Côte D’Or, France. When he returned to Canada he joined the team to create the first Niagara commercial Icewine. Jamie produced countless award-winning wines during his 25 years as a senior Canadian winemaker. In 2005, he fulfilled his vision to establish The Ice House Winery and focus on being the Icewine maker of the highest quality product with countless awards from Monde Selection, including a Gold and Grand Gold in 2020.
Jamie knows the Niagara region is the powerhouse of Icewine. Although Icewine was invented in Germany, Jamie has consecutively produced Icewine for over 30 years and has learned how to perfect it with the Canadian climate. A man of both passion and perseverance, Jamie has managed to make his dream a reality and is an international business consultant for winemaking.

Meet Karen King - The Wife

Karen King has applied her business and sensory expertise to support Jamie’s expertise as a master winemaker. He developed his unique award winning Icewines through Karen's research that identified that consumers preferred a more balanced Icewine with a complex fruit forward delivery that had a crisp rather than sweet finish.
Each Northern Ice Premium Icewine varietal provides a crisp finish to the distinctive sweet fruit complexity that each one delivers. Visit The Ice House Winery for the taste experience of their award winning Icewine, acknowledged by Monde Selection as the best in the world.

The Icehouse

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