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Ice Wine Jello Shots
Icewine Jello Shots are great fun to serve at your next party. They are easy to make ahead of time so you are ready to enjoy them when your first guests arrive. The Ice House Winery has five varietals of Northern Ice Premium Icewine that each capture a unique fruit flavour so when you mix them with a jello fruit flavour like peach or cherry, the complexity of the Icewine explodes! The winery has developed flavour profiles for each one of their Northern Ice Premium Icewine varietals so you can decide which one you want to add to enhance the jello flavour you like best. Jello ads have shown us “101 ways to make us smile”. This recipe is sure to make adults smile. Sorry, kids you need to be 19 plus in Canada and 21 in the U.S. to enjoy these!

We found EZ-InjectTM Jello Shots syringes at and served them for “heat relief’ at The Ice House Winery this summer.

Watch how to make them in this video and order up some fun for your next party.

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