Icewine Austrian Schmarrn Pancakes

Icewine Austrian Schmarrn Pancakes

Schmarrn is made in both sweet and savoury varieties usually with eggs and a starch, cooked in butter, and pulled apart to finish browning. This recipe is enriched with raisins and Icewine!This easy recipe called Icewine Austrian Schmarrn Pancakes offers a variety of flavours, thanks to our Northern Ice Vidal Icewine. Order our special Northern Ice …

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Fruit & Icewine

Fruit Crisp with Icewine Glaze

This is our favourite go-to crumble recipe that people can’t get enough of. We love using strawberries and rhubarb, or sour cherries, or blueberries or apples… You get the picture, it is simple quick and we even like it for breakfast! You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen to make this right now… and …

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The Best Icewine Cream Cheese Frosting

Frosting is a favourite indulgence, but it is so easy to get it wrong. We like our frosting luscious and creamy with a touch of Northern Ice Gewürztraminer  Icewine. Top a simple cake or other baked treat with this Icewine Frosting to create a whole new level of elegance!

Icewine Mimosas

Icewine Mimosa

We wanted to create an Icewine Slushie with a unique spin to a classic cocktail and the Icewine Mimosa was born! Visitors to The Ice House Winery loved the refreshing, light taste and beautiful creamy orange appearance.

Covid Cooking with Icewine

About forty years ago my grandmother Macfarlane’s recipe box came into my possession. Looking back it seems strange I became the custodian of the little, brown, wooden box but what is stranger to me is that I kept it. Over all these years, it moved with me. I sometimes stored it. I sometimes displayed it …

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“Stay Home” Icewine Waffles

Treat yourself to our favourite Stay Home breakfast; Waffles topped with Vidal Icewine!

We use Birch Benders Pancake and Waffle Mix to make our waffles. Costco sells them or you can order through Amazon.
When you add fruit and Icewine, these high protein waffles raise the bar to make a great dessert too!

N’Ice Wine Slushies

N’Ice Wine Slushies create a hit with these refreshing recipes!

Simply blend equal parts of ice cubes with The Ice House N’Ice Wine Slushies for an amazing cocktail.

Fill your blender half way with 6 to 10 ice cubes, slowly add enough Northern Ice Vidal Icewine to cover the ice, blend until frothy and enjoy.

The tart balance of Northern Ice creates a magical transformation when ice is added to make it the most refreshing cocktail. Garnish with oranges, cranberries & frozen grapes.

The complexity of The Ice House Slushies in Vidal and Cabernet varietals help you create Classic Cocktails quickly!

The Ice House White Slushies Martini
Equal parts The Ice House Vidal Slushies, pure cranberry juice & vodka.

The Ice House Red Slushies Cabernet Sunset
Equal parts The Ice House Cabernet Slushies & cranberry juice.

The Ice House Red Slushies Sangria
2 parts red wine to one part The Ice House Cabernet Slushies.

The Ice House White Slushies Sunrise
Equal parts The Ice House Vidal Slushies & Champagne.

The Ice House White Slushies Ice Cap
Equal parts The Ice House Vidal Slushies & pureed fresh fruit, freeze slightly.

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