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Cabernet Red  $89 Now $49.50

200 ml bottle each
11% alcohol each

Served chilled to 8 ºC/46 ºF or blend with equal parts of ice cubes.

The Ice House Winery Vidal White Slushies – One (1) Bottle
100% Vidal 
Our Vidal Slushies delivers rich honey, ripe peach and apricot top notes with a clean, crisp finish. Blended with equal parts of ice, the Vidal Slushies create a refreshing, fresh fruit and honey cornucopia that provide a new taste sensation for Icewine. Fresh, complex intense fruit flavours with a background honey note. Serve Slushies as a toast to visiting friends, great with cheese and rich appetizers.

The Ice House Winery Cabernet Red Slushies – One (1) Bottle
100% Carbernet
The Cabernet Slushies delivers low toned dark fruit notes of plum, cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant with a honey background note. Blended with equal parts of ice, the Cabernet Slushies create a unique taste sensation that is as complex as the best Sangria and yet more refreshing.



Amazing BOGO Gift!

Buy one and get one – Buy the SLUSHIE Pack for $99 and you will receive a complimentary bottle of our 200ml Northern Ice Premium Vidal.
This gift will be automatically added to your cart at checkout.  Shipping $20 per order for up to a case of 12 Premium Vidal Icewine.

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