Icewine Toddies

Time for Icewine Toddies!

Enjoy a soothing cup of Earl Grey with Northern Ice Riesling Icewine.

As the summer ends each year there is no end in sight for how to make innovative cocktails with Icewine. Icewine Toddies made with Northern Ice Riesling is the newest rave created by The Ice House Winery.

Add 50 ml of Northern Ice Riesling Icewine to Earl Grey tea to make a comforting toddie to sip and savour.

As the temperature drops, we crave something warm and soothing and this recipe has health benefits, too! On its own, Earl Grey tea tastes ok, but add a little Northern Ice Riesling to make an Icewine Toddie and it becomes a real sensory pleasure. So here is why Earl Grey is the tea to choose; the fruit extract in Earl Grey tea could help lower cholesterol and prevent diabetes, according to a new study. Read more… The bergamot orange, grown in the Mediterranean, is being hailed as ‘nature’s statin’.

It contains chemicals called citrus polyphenols that appear to block production of blood fats, boost metabolism and prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut. Many types of Earl Grey tea contain hints of lavender with bergamot, which can be especially relaxing and soothing. When you need to de-stress in the middle of the day without falling asleep, a cup of Earl Grey can be the perfect choice. The caffeine in Earl Grey is minimal, so it won’t create the heart-racing effect of coffee or espresso but will provide clarity and focus instead. Pretty cool, stay healthy, happy and warm this winter!